Lilyville VR

Have fun while learning English

Explore Lilyville

Lilyville is a quant village located somewhere in the north of the country. Nobody knows exactly where it is because it is not on any map. What is interesting about this village is that its inhabitants are all dogs! As you move from level to level, feel free to stroll the medieval streets. Bring some warm clothes though; snow is on the forecast.

Find Little Molly's Gold!

Your mission: Find Little Molly's gold. Though Lilyville is safe and peaceful, there is a thief among the pack. Molly wants you to find her gold and bring it back to her. Throughout the game, you need to find clues to find out where the gold is. In fact, the dogs will give their opinions and help you find the gold.

Improve Your English

This game is a fun way to practice your English. In order to complete the game properly, you will need to understand all the written clues given by the dogs. Go from dog to dog and see what they have to say. If you follow their suggestions correctly, you will be led to Little Molly's gold.

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Lilyville VR: A product of JH Inc.

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As a VR enthusiast who has explored the wonders of this new medium, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and usefulness of Lilyville VR. This is a great way for second language learners to improve their English.